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Roll-coupled Tilt Deck

Roll-coupled A-Dolly

Don Stubbe (Andy's Oilfield Hauling Ltd) took delivery of the first roll-coupled converter dolly in October 2011.  Don's A-dolly features selective roll-relief and a selectively extendible drawbar to improve off-road handling.

Roll-Coupled Pony Trailers
Essential Coil and Stimulation Services has two roll-coupled flat deck pony trailers for use in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

CWC Well Services has five roll-coupled doghouse trailers operating in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

                                             Roll-coupled tridem pony trailers can carry 24 tonnes in British Columbia!

Roll-Coupled Full Trailer

Roll-coupled quadaxle full trailers can safely carry 34 tonnes in British Columbia.

           We encourage you to support the companies who are investing "safer-trailers" to improve highway safety.

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